Westbrook Trio






pianiste, compositeur

Kate Westbrook, Chris Biscoe & Mike Westbrook have worked together in many Westbrook ensembles since the late 1970’s, from the seminal Brass Band to the current New Westbrook Orchestra. They formed the Westbrook Trio in 1982.
Kate Westbrook’s repertoire embraces Contemporary Music, as well as Jazz and Popular Song. An original and powerful lyicist, Kate has written libretti for Opera, Music Theatre and Cabaret. Recent albums include Cuff Clout, a Neoteric Music Hall, in which her texts are set by eight  composers from the worlds of Jazz, Rock, Pop and Contemporary Classical Music, and The Nijinska Chamber, a celebration of the great dancer/choreographer Bronislava Nijinska.
Mike Westbrook has led and composed for a succession of big bands and small groups since the 1960s. His compositions range from large scale works for jazz and classical ensembles to stage musicals, experimental theatre and opera, as well as pieces for radio, TV and cinema, He has made over fifty albums, among them Chanson Irresponsable, performed by The New Westbrook Orchestra, combining jazz and classical musicians, and Waxeywork Show for his current sextet The Village Band.
Chris Biscoe has featured in many leading ensembles notably George Russell’s Living Time Orchestra, and the Orchestre National de Jazz, based in Paris, in which he was resident for three years, under the direction of Didier Levallet.  As a soloist Chris works in a great variety of contexts, ranging from The Grand Union Orchestra to the improvising group Full Monte. As a composer he leads and writes for various ensembles. His current quartet album Gone in The Air, the music of Eric Dolphy, features Chris in partnership with fellow saxophonist Tony Kofi.

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